Handmade stag heads constructed from aluminium composites and acrylics for a modern look!

Story Time

Find out more about me and my stag heads

If you are interested in more information, just scroll down and read all about our wonderful stag head sculptures, and a little about the man who builds them!

The Stags

A modern slant on a traditional Scottish icon, handmade using aluminium composites and acrylics to create a lovely centrepiece for any room or hallway.

The range of wall mounted stag heads, clad in Harris Tweed or a clan tartan can be offered in three different sizes, with the option of twenty different Harris Tweed cloths as standard or an option to choose your own choice of cloth, including your own clan tartan from hundreds of designs.

The stags are constructed using modern materials including aluminium composites and acrylic using over 200 individual parts. The stag head is accentuated by being mounted on a brushed silver finish aluminium composite shield.

We also offer an uncovered stag in powder coated red aluminium composite suitable for interior or exterior use.

Stag heads are available in the following dimensions (measured across the antlers and from antler tip to the point of the shield):

  • Baby: 15cm x 20cm
  • Medium: 30cm x 45cm
  • Large: 60cm x 80cm

My Story

I started my working life on the 6th of January 1966 as an apprentice toolmaker in a small company making jigs and fixtures. For the next fourteen years I worked in engineering learning all aspects of tool-making. The following 35 years saw me working in sales, involved in the welding distribution and welding automation industries which allowed me to travel to over 40 countries worldwide.

I retired in December 2014 while working for Fronius UK (a subsidiary of Fronius International based in Austria) and decided I would build Fronius a gift to thank them for our time together. Combining the Scottish icon of the stag with the red colouring of Fronius equipment gave birth to the red mounted stag head which now hangs in the reception area of Fronius UK in Milton Keynes.

The reaction was amazing and I had many requests to make some more for various friends. It was from this that Hummingbird Sculptures was born. Much like the Hummingbird, known for its ability fly backwards, I was returning to my engineering background of making things with my hands.

Now two years on, we have three different sizes of stag heads which can be clad in Harris Tweed or a clan tartan. We have sold hundreds of bespoke stags through a network of stockists and met so many lovely people along the way. This is just the start of our journey!